Functions and Responsibilities

    The functions and roles of the BAA are divided into three essential categories: management, services, and physical development. The ‘management’ functions are concentrated on the day-to-day operations of prescribed or existing airports in Belize as it relates to the safety and security of airport infrastructure, the adequacy of facilities installed at airports, and the physical integrity of all equipment and persons used in the provision of airport services, including the safety of consumers. Additionally, the management function of the BAA also includes the establishment of fee structures for all services provided by airports, inclusive of air traffic control services and aeronautical information services. The ‘services’ functions are quite clear and refer to the provision and maintenance of all services required and deem necessary for the efficient operation of airports (ramp service, parking for aircraft and vehicles, air traffic control, aeronautical information, approximation, landing, etc.). The ‘physical’ development functions address expansion, development and the modernization needs of prescribed airports and other civil aviation infrastructure.